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July 27, 2012


yummy art, photo, and breakfast. i would have to day the breakfast looks yummy.

Oh, what beautiful strawberries! Your painted ones, I mean. :-) And your blog redesign looks great. Love the photos from your trip to Charlevoix. I think the background sets them off quite nicely. Bon weekend!

Thanks, Magnolia! It was definitely yummy.

Thanks, Leslee -- I'm glad you like the redesign, and you're a good judge since we've been reading each other's blogs for almost a decade!

I'm fasting and I'm trying not to salivate at your beautifully drawn strawberries.

Beth I was tempted by the new looking sidebar to check out "Essays and the Blog" but cannot see when you wrote it. I notice your new entries are dated and it might be good (but how difficult?!?) to date the others?
In what lifetime, you may well ask.... well.... maybe you could attract a 'new media' intern to help you....

Love that strawberry!

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