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August 24, 2012


I love J's photo of your hands at work!

those of us who have a journaling instinct are probably doomed, or blessed, never to forget our past.

Oh, I can relate to this. :-) Blessed, I think. Even if it sometimes feels otherwise.

Such beautiful photos of your hands and of the studio. Your Etsy site was already exceptionally gorgeous, Beth - now even more so!

I know what you mean about memory and journaling or artistic practice. Having taken up photography very late, in my 50s, I'm amazed and intrigued to note how whenever I pass by somewhere I photographed months or years ago, all my senses come alive and I remember vividly what I was doing there and taking the photo.

Oh, your Haiku says it all. Love it.

Brilliant photos, great addition to your Etsy shop.

That is such a fascinating painting. I keep looking at those solid clouds and the way the beach falls away to the water.

Thank you, Rachel, Jean, Ellena, Natalie, Hattie!

Love J's photos of your hands! And your Etsy site looks marvelous.

I was at Five Islands a week ago Saturday. How splendid to see your view of it posted here...a lovely picture.

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