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August 23, 2012


Kia ora Beth, reminds me of my days as a roofer - always busy in the fall. Lots of ways and materials to cover a roof these days, but interesting how good old fashioned smelly tar seems to work best. An aroma that reminds me of home - strange eh!

Great photo. I've done this here -- on a small scale, once every few years, it's an oddly satisfying thing to sweep tar onto a roof with an old broom. However, flat roofs are bullshit in the rainy northeast.

I loved the photo - superbly atmospheric. Looking and reading and smelling tar - I love that smell and can't remember when I last experienced it.

I love the smell of tar. Should ask my brother how he feels about it. He has been retired for some time now but many many years ago a bucket full of steaming tar was being hoisted up to the roof while he was going up on a lader. Bucket spilled it's contents on my brother's nacked back. A gauze tent while laying on his belly at the 'Jewish' became his home for a while but he has been fine since.

That's awful, Ellena. I'm glad your brother eventually recovered. Many of the things we feel some nostalgia for, we would not want to have back - and the smell of tar is certainly one of those things if it means fewer guys doing this arduous and dangerous job.

I guess it applies to many rather soulless hi-tech processes and materials that we'd do well to remember the dangers and tolls of the grittier methods they replaced.

Ellena, what a horrible story. And yes, I'm so glad that your brother lived and got good treatment and is OK now. Whenever I see the tar trucks and buckets I remember spreading tar on roofs and on the concrete basement walls of the house my parents were building - we used an old broom. I'm glad I had those experiences but I think my dislike of licorice stems from those days!

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