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September 17, 2012


Tilia, linden, lime... What is it about lindens? There's Coleridge, with "This Lime-Tree Bower, My Prison," and Vogelweide's "Under der linden," http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkXmVaR4NjA...

P. S. Glad to see myself three times on your "Book List" page of recent reads! What fun! And four times if you count being a sixth of "The Book of Ystwyth."

P. P. S. Like those new pictures of your studio (and hands) on the Etsy shop "About" page.

I love Linden trees and love these, especially the second haiku -they'll be running through my mind as I walk under the many in the area around my home.

I love the added space/time dimensions you capture by giving more than one 'take' of this tree. Are you reading "To the Lighthouse"? I didn't really understand what Virginia W. was at, until I saw Vanessa Bell's paintings.

Write nice.Oh continue to work hard. Refueling.

That was really nice and I will be looking forward for more from you.

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