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September 20, 2012


Happy birthday, Beth! Sweet sweet sixty!

Looking sharp, Ms. 60! As for that big number: remember, nobody every believed Cassandra...

I LOVE this photo of you! Belle et pleine d'énergie! Happy birthday to a wonderful, beautiful, generous and talented woman. Can't wait to celebrate with you. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy, happy birthday, dear Beth!

Many more!

Happy happy!

Oh, you look fantastic, Beth! And your work behind you! Happy Birthday and all the best in your creative journeys this year!

Wow, I am now the age that you were when we moved in next door in Hartford, and your years have doubled since then! That is kinda crazy :) You are looking great in that pic, and I want to come up and meet that cat!

Very happy birthday Beth. Seventy is even better!

You look fantastic. Keep it up.

Hearty cheers on the day...

Hooray, and happy day!

Happy Birthday!

Happiest of birthdays to you, dear Beth! You are a perennial inspiration to me. You create such beautiful work, in so many different forms -- from the books you lovingly edit and design to the prints and paintings in your study. May you enjoy many many many more years of joyful creation!

Best wishes on your birthday, Beth.

Beautiful photograph and marvelous sentiment! A red leather jacket - you go girl!!

And I liked the peek at your work behind you....

Happy birthday! Love the jacket, and Manon is as adorable as ever.

Very best wishes, Beth. Thank you for continuing to inspire!

Many happy returns of your special day, Beth.

What a wonderfully celebratory photo! You look fantastic, Beth, and so does little white-gloved Manon with her fierce expression. And is that a new drawing right behind you? I don't remember seeing it in this series before: beautiful. You've had my birthday wishes already but here are lots more, for every day of the year, and all the years to come.

Happy birthday Beth. You look so lovely.

You look wonderful. I wish I were 60 again!

Happy belated birthday! Now, tell me how I can get to be more like you in just ten years?

I am very fond of coming in the top look.Praise.

Running late here, but happy birthday, Beth, slightly delayed. At sixty-one I can say that most of the time I forget my age. I may not be as fast as I once was, but what I lack in speed I make up with thoroughness. I'm quite sure you're the same. I wish you well at this important point in your life... well, they're all significant really, aren't they, though sixty does seem more so... and trust that it will be the springboard to many more exciting projects for you, both as an artist and publisher.

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