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September 12, 2012


Wow. That's lovely, Beth!

Beautiful sunflowers, Beth. Every year, I sow some; Henry Wilde, a small, ramified type, and I too leave some of them for the birds. There's a particular pleasure to be had from watching the birds feed on something you have grown yourself. Bon courage with your busy autumn.

You’ve chosen the best flower to draw in watercolours and they look really adorable.

Writing vs. painting. Why not combine the two in Japanese script? Just the small matter of learning Japanese but you appear to have a time-sharing (How old-fashioned that epithet appears) instinct.

Meditation. But suppose everything isn't isn't fine and you're turning to meditation to make it so?

Unserious. I'm merely re-introducing myself. Lorenzo da Ponte is dead for the second time and a pink thing resembling a peeled shrimp is emerging bearing my real name. Alas the pickings may be skimpier for you; the real me is no intellectual and likes motorbikes.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Jacket, go away!

I wonder what happened to my comments? I was probably so sleepy that I did something askew.

But I like this very much, and see that you could be bold and free long before Iceland! And in color as well.

The problem with wide arts interests is satisfying them all, yet achieving the level and richness one wants to achieve. I see the same issues with my daughter's forays into film, writing, graphic stories, etc. One takes turns, or else gives something up. It's just too bad we can't be triple people, sending versions of ourselves to do each thing in turn--with maybe an extra self to sleep and dream.

Lovely flame-like and free sunflowers!

I was going to suggest, like Marly above, that it would be good if we could two or three people, one to do the drudgery, another to do the creative interesting things and maybe another to just wander about for an hour or two a day!


Beth, this just takes my breath away!

Lovely, rich colours for watercolour! I usually find them too pale and transparent for my own work. And how I feel the same about September and finding time for everything dear to our creative souls. As Marly and Vivien said, we could be several people and divvie up the work. As I often joke, if I won a lottery I'd hire a housekeeper and a gardener for the drudgery work before I'd even think of a trip around the world. I'm now off to the print studio for a short stolen time while our visitor is off doing her own thing.

Yes WOW! If only these sunflowers were available as poster or box of cards.

Love the colors, Beth.

I hope you continue to work hard.Refueling.

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