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October 10, 2012


If it were "rivière aux sables", it would be "sandy river", or "river with a lot of sand". "Au" or "aux" in that kind of context would mean "with", I believe.

Yes, as in "coq au vin". But might also be used as "river at the sands" - as in: let's meet at the restaurant: "au restaurant".

Beautiful pics, Beth.

Beautiful photos, Beth.

Oh how pretty. I do miss those fall colors.

And then there's the person (like me) whose first glance is glancing, thus seeing Usable River. Well, it might qualify for that adjective but only in a leisure context; can't see it as a conduit for Mark Twain in his river pilot days, or providing the power for a satanic mill.

Or as in 'La Dame à la Licorne'. Lovely pictures, people apologise for phone pictures but they often seem marvellous, as these do.

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