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October 19, 2012


The arts all frolic in the Land of Synesthesia...

The arts all frolic in the Land of Synesthesia...

That's a really beautiful watercolour. But it's not about sound; it's about smell--as evidenced by the two noses on the left.

That is an incredibly evocative painting. At first I was taken with the bursting energy of the yellow, and then I saw the crowd of people in the upper third. And then.....fantastic!

I decided to play your topmost painting; cor, didn't my fingers get into a tangle, with no recognisable tune emerging. After the twentieth time, and shoving it up an octave, faint echoes resonated out of my past and I had to know, I had to know. On the one-thousand, seven-hundred and thirty-first go I had a mangled but just about serviceable version of the Waldstein. Seems you're marching in step with greatness.

All of these responses are pretty delightful!

I love the title of this piece! And how have you made those colours both vivid and muted? I suppose that mimics the disarray of memory itself!

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