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November 06, 2012


Your reference to the Book of Kings made me smile both appreciatively and impishly, as I pictured the loser in today's contest meditating on God's words to Samuel when he was pushed out by Israel so they could have a king like all their neighbours.... "it is not you they have rejected, it is Me"

What I'd give for more Bernie Sanders.

It's 07.07 Greenwich Winter Time, November 7 2012. And I'm picking a piece of opera that starts "Oh welche Lust...". Pure selfishness of course. Not the slightest interest in the democratic process on this occasion

Well the superrich threw a billion dollars away for nothing, didn't they.

The Book of Kings told it like it was, in the dawn of written history, and that story has been written and rewritten over thousands of years: the basest qualities of human nature don't change, nor does the basic human struggle for equality, justice, and freedom. Voting is crucial, but it takes a lot more than that.

Indeed. Thank you for this.

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