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November 26, 2012


What a wonderful experience for you, Beth, with your knowledge and love of music and singing.

Awesome. Your in a Latin Jazz combo!

That's the degree of competence I like - looking for ways of making things more difficult.

I glanced at aleatoric's wordiness, appreciated its euphony. And then a delicious methane bubble eased its way up through the mangroves of memory. I know that word - or part of it - from way, way back. And then the bubble burst uttering the sentence Hic jacta alea. Need I say more?

No, not a word! (I also quite like the methane and mangrove image!) Good for you and your memory. My Latin is terrible, so I had to look up the phrase, but yes, of course! I tried but couldn't summon any other dicey, Latinate, English words with alea as a root - can you?


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