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December 17, 2012


I saw a bear a few years ago over in Deruyter. I think they are pretty common in the Catskills, and it seems like someone's birdfeeders are torn up by a bear every year around here. Biggest wildlife excitement in my world is a stoat in the woodpile. He's very curious, and what with no snow his camouflage scheme is way out of whack. Last white one I saw was 30 years ago....it was running across Stephen Joyce's kitchen counter.

Thanks, Mike, I was hoping youd reply! This was a fast trip - I hope to come down for a bit longer and see you and several other people, in the next couple of months. I had to think a minute about stoat - guess I always called them ermine? Years ago there was one that lived in the woods across from our house at the lake. Theyre curious, and Mom and I could often see it if we went over and waited a little while near its hole. Pretty adorable, really.


Exquisite photo, Beth! Good that you had a nice visit with your Dad. So wonderful to hear that the wildlife is thriving in that area. We're blessed too, living at the edge of the mountains with deer and bears, in our garden even, and smaller mammals and birds and sea life. Ah, but human history is violent, and does not change, does it?

Awesome photo, Beth. Nice you could get back for a visit.

What an appropriately stunning and unsettling photo! Wonderful.

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