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December 12, 2012


Hooray for writing and art and Christmas baking! I am hoping to do some baking myself, actually -- just unearthed a batch of frozen gingersnap dough, which is thawing in the fridge, and which I hope will become cookies soon. (I have a tradition of bringing cookies to our mechanic every year -- he is so good to us, and keeps our cars running; it seems the least I can do! -- so I'd better get baking...)

Loved reading this report. Congratulations on an exquisitely designed and illustrated Thaliad. It's a real joy to own, look at, read, admire.
I am having a similarly deeply happy day and am hoping for more suchlike in the days ahead. To both of us, more of these!
By the way, Bleak House is the best novel written. Ever. That opening chapter is unparalleled for excellence. A mon avis ;D.
Happy day, Beth.

Glad to see you are coming back to the surface... even if it's frozen! I was so cold walking through the streets of Old Montreal last night! My body was in shock, shaking, refusing to "accepter l'inévitable". Let's drink something warm together soon, when things quiet down a little.

Yep, Laura's pretty much right about the excellence of BH, though it's the only Dickens I think I've got a deep affection for, just as Middlemarch is the only George Eliot novel I love hugely. Funnily enough both of them were my A level (end of school at 18) texts, so I was lucky.

Enjoy your busy-ness, and when it stops!

Hurray for the season, even the slush and ice. It also comes with man-made colors to brighten the grey of winter.

I just received "Thaliad," glanced at the first few pages, and lovingly put it aside. Soon I will be finished with two other books (I usually am reading two to three at a time). Thaliad is so special I can tell I will want to be totally immersed in the experience.

Hope the wisdom tooth comes out easily, David Copperfield leaves you sighing in satisfaction, and your holiday season is filled with family and friends.

Just dropped in to draw your attention to the inevitability of Bleak House only to see Laura and Lucy have contrived to make its inevitability even more inevitable. As the third wheel on their bicycle please allow me this tiny squeak of advocacy.

Still can't get over my Dickens phobia after reading condensed versions of Great Expectations and David Copperfield in high school.

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