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December 27, 2012


This is the aspect of winter that I miss in Hawaii: those indoor, slow-down days. Sounds rather blissful.

Hmmm....chanting Hungarian voices. Sounds like the soundtrack to a movie I just watched (and highly recommend) called "The Turin Horse". Bleak, B+W, and very beautiful. The chanting voices are nearly hidden by the sound of the wind and the relentless instrumental dirge. No, really....it's good. Bela Tarr directs.

Perfect way to spend winter days. This did wonderful things to my inner life, just reading it. Thanks.

Where it's so hot people take afternoons off, I guess they don't need snow. I can't imagine a world without snow, or at least its possibility.

Terrific photo. These are lovely days, aren't they, the quiet, snowy moments between Christmas and New Year's, perfect for reading, snoozing and watching small birds.

Beautiful photo, beautiful writing.

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