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January 11, 2013


Oh, Beth, that's extraordinary. I do get the sense both of light and of foreboding. The illumination and the clouds. Holy wow.

I do know what you mean because the big Icelandic charcoals are so strange and potent. But I like this one very much. Even though color softens, the shapes of the hills are so oddly alive and dynamic that I think you will automatically get some terrifying otherworldliness! And I like the little aspens touched by light to give us some sense of scale. They seem brave down there in the valley, catching the sun.

Thanks so much, Rachel and Marly. It's good to get some reactions -- I'm too close to it at the moment, and too critical, probably!

I really like the trees, but I think you're achieving the effect you're after overall, too.

I love seeing the progress of this.

How long takes from start till u finish an pastel like this one? i think is alot of work

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