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January 14, 2013


What you need is an iPad to keep her amused.

Hi Beth,

That is great customer service from Canon. Good to know, we have a ton of Canon gear. My Ramona will sit on anything I am trying to read and often takes my office chair so I can't sit down. She's the Queen.
We'll be in Montreal around June 20th. We'll visit some camera friends and collect our French friend at the airport. Maybe we can meet up. You would like our friends, the woman is a writer for TV and theater. She just finished a new play.

Reminds me that Toyota replaced the frame on my '01 Tacoma at 175,00 miles. Yes, that means they took the truck completely apart, then reassembled it on a brand new frame. No charge. I briefly considered a Toyota tattoo.....decided I'm still not an ink guy.


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