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January 23, 2013


We are so happy for Jonathan that his fantastic piece is in this exhibition and for all the positive responses it received. Great to see and hear him on the video too. Congratulations to him! He should put this on his new blog.

Great video in that I could see so much more detail in the photo....the people on the bridge, and the lone pedestrian beneath it. A lotta cracks in that concrete...looks like gravity might change things before the designers tend to it.

Great write-up! But the video link doesn't work, at least not for me - maybe it's only for Canada? If you can find another link to it, I'd love to watch the video.

Natalie -- sorry, the top picture looks like it should be clickable but it isn't - the link's in the last paragraph, and here: http://www.cca.qc.ca/en/education-events/1864-abc-mtl-br-meet-the-artists

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