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January 21, 2013


Oh, lovely--shall look "from both sides now."

I am new reader. I have gone back and read many of your posts and had to tell you how much I love your blog.
Photography always interests me. And, the photographs taken by your husband are absolutely brilliant. Beautiful, beautiful photography.
(The link to his website seems broken, though. I googled it.)

Thanks so much, Beyond Six Rivers! Welcome to The Cassandra Pages, I'm very glad to know you are reading and enjoying it.(Thanks -- the link to Jonathan's site is fixed now.)

What beautiful images of Jonathan! and I look so forward to reading his blog. Thanks for letting us know.

Thanks, Rachel. I've been deliberately taking pictures of Jonathan taking pictures for a long time now, I think I started about 25 years ago. Someday I should collect them and do a virtual exhibit. It was fun looking back and choosing these today, a little tour through our fairly recent life. You were there, that day at MoMA!

Oh, what nice news! I look forward to beautiful regular photographic treats and also remember, from that long magazine feature some years ago, how much I enjoyed Jonathan's writing.

And I too love your photos of the photographer.

That's great news, will certainly put Jonathan on my blogroll now. That top photo is mind-blowing, fantastic, brilliant! The wavy lines of the buildings outside...it's as if the whole thing is suddenly going to start moving, undulating.

Montreal looks fabulous through his eyes. I'm headed over to his blog now.

Ah, what a fascinating new development. Thank you for this great news, and J for taking the plunge.

And I agree with Natalie - that photo on top is something special.

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