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January 02, 2013


Lovely post and list. I never do resolutions but tend to make weekly or whatever lists especially when extra busy. Looking at yours for the year, I think I'd include quite a few of the same on mine were I to do one. Much success to you this year, Beth!

Excellent list of resolutions. Good luck! I hope you achieve them all!

i checked out Seon Joon's blog and i like her as well.Thanks for the link

Beth, I have to smile while reading your resolution list because it so resembles the ones I make..or used to make. The more time goes by, the shorter my lists become and I'm aiming to cut down to one res only or better still, zero res. The trouble with resolutions is that they are a form of judgement, a disguised kind of scolding, which is really saying that we're not living up to expectations, not quite making the grade. For me it's a Judge's voice in my head and I'm beginning to feel I can tell it to shut up. Better to simply plunge in to whatever absorbs me and if that means missing out on all the other things that would/should be on the list,well,so be it!
Happy New Year dear friend, may it be bright and beautiful.


Thank you, Beth!

I love the "fall down seven times, get up eight" quote. Perfect to start this new year. Hoping the year ahead is full of light!

Oh hello Beth
I have my own list which is probably still incomplete but this morning I realized I had not yet prayed any intercessions for anybody, which used to be part of my daily practice, and was something I wanted to begin being more faithful to this year...and as I sat there with the list in my lap (a list of family, some friends, parish folk and needs, people I have promised to pray for, etc,) I found myself "adjusted" in my spiritual posture, so that what I had thought of as a chore/ a should, in Nathalie's language an implicit judgment/ became instead a doorway into a different way of being with both God and the individuals whose needs I had wanted to carry. Something eased in me, it became not at all a task or a burden but instead a calm way of being. This is not the way it usually is, I can only think that somehow my wanting so much to be more faithful carried the practice a bit further in than I was used to reaching, I hope you will sometimes... it's never always of course... experience being smiled upon for your own fidelities during this new year!

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