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February 14, 2013


Beth, this is exquisite writing. Exquisite.

Beautiful -- the image makes me smile, and the prose is just wonderful.

First, the image is incredible. But the writing--exquisite, particular, detailed--and so romantic. Perfect for today.

"every teacher who follows the kingdom of god is like a householder who brings out of her treasurehouse things both old and new"

Amazing how fun and lively this city is! And in the dead of winter, too. It really is a great place, as my daughter informs me, who has been there several times. Must see it some day.

Oh, lovely writing, so romantic, even in the cold of winter. I can just see Montreal....

Regarding the hubris filter. The 704-word comment was created on MSW Notepad, since composing within a typical Blogger comment box evokes flying Japanese Airlines to Tokyo - the exact opposite of a world too wide for his shrunk shank. I copy/pasted the resultant .txt file, it previewed, it published and then it disappeared. Did it a couple more times, same result. Saved it as a .docx file, same result. Saved it as an .html file same result. Finally, having printed it out I keyed it it into your comment box (You can see how keen I am to be read among your glitterati) and it failed again. This, if it works, came from a copy/pasted Notepad file.

Reason for earlier failures: I wasn't offered the dropdown WV panel. Nor was I when I tried again with the monster. Your blogging software clearly has a verb.sap feature intended to discourage running off at the mouth. Since I sympathise with this as a general principle I will abide by its judgement.

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