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February 22, 2013


It's beautiful! I look forward to seeing how you fill its pages.

Here comes the sun! Enjoy filling up the pages with a bright, warm place and lots of color!

Yes, I know the feeling of fragility even after all this time. I'm sure you will be inspired by this lovely book and the place you are going to and will create some gems. I look forward to seeing them. Enjoy the sun and colours, Beth!

Oh, what a lovely thing! I think what you've been making lately - the latest pastel drawing/painting, this and the other handmade books, some photos and writing published here - is more resonant than ever, and the thought of southern sunshine shining on your talents is an exciting one.

Oh, Beth, the books are glorious. I so love the tangibility of this work, and reading these posts / looking at these images I almost feel I can touch the books, turn the pages. I love the reminder that a bound book can be something to treat with reverence -- and that the reverence can also be expressed through tucking the book into a purse and making sketches in an unfamiliar place.

No messes or mistakes, please. We your loyal readers won't stand for it!

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