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February 19, 2013


These pastels are really beautiful, Beth. And thank you for reminding me of some of the visual beauties of the northern winter. What you say about the deep blue of shadows on snow reminds me of the incredible blue of the crevasses we saw on the glacier where we were fortunate enough to hike in Patagonia several years ago...

I admire your ability to admire snow. I'll admit that it's pretty and captivating… for about 15 minutes! Your images are just lovely and not at all cold, which suggests that I'd enjoy having them around for much more than 15 minutes.

Thank you, Rachel, and thanks for the reminder about glaciers. I was thinking about that blue of crevasses, which I've only seen in photos and films - maybe one day in Iceland!

Thanks, NT! Actually snow is an acquired taste if you don't grow up in it, I think. I'm always sorry for the immigrants who've come here from warm countries and spend the whole time shivering. Not sure they ever get used to it!

For some reason, the comments I leave here always tend to disappear. Is it something I'm doing?

Yes to this! A few years ago I spent a total of about five weeks of the winter in either California or Florida, for various reasons, and I found to my surprise that I quite missed it! (I also discovered that unless I get to the late-February SAD-induced certainty that this year spring will never come, I don't get to experience the fierce joy and reinvigoration when it finally does.) I've decided that it is the sign of a good winter and summer both if you are thoroughly sick of them before they're done; that way you're ready to move on.

All the lovely work you've been posting has been making me want to get some pastels! I've done a lot of charcoal/pencil drawing, but not much in color. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Awesome picture, Beth - even more so now seeing some detail!

Thanks for your email! What I tried to say yesterday is that I adore winter. Every single thing about it, from the glorious beauty of a snow covered landscape to the murky black slush after a good melting. I just love it. One of my life's biggest dreams - more fantasy, really - is to own a little cabin in the mountains of New Hampshire, tucked away - but not too far! - and spend my winters there, armed with an ample supply of firewood, a few sturdy shelves full of books, and a cast iron soup pot. That's all it would take. Bliss.

The art you've chosen for this post has evoked this dream anew. :-)

Snow and blues are wonderful. Twilight snow. Sidelit snow. Snow with blue shadows. I like the pastel and think the vigor of your Iceland pictures is creeping in!

How lovely. I do miss the winters, but they can be too harsh and last too long. Glad you are getting a break.

Canadians.. we are a people of the North. Brief respites are great but it just seems wrong somehow to head south to miss the winter and if you did i wonder if you are losing a little of a kind of anchor that ties you to your history

Long shadows....looks late in the afternoon, though I guess it could be early morning. Very beautiful.

hmmmm....yes, I had a comment disappear too. I really like this picture.

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