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March 13, 2013


Absolutely gorgeous, Beth. You did a marvelous job of capturing the beauty.

Yes, gorgeous! I wish I could see those jacarandas for I've never met one. The living wall design in the bottom photo is amazing. That has become popular in some of the new "green" buildings around Vancouver but I'm not sure if any have this kind of design. I must go find some for I've only seen them in print and online.

Oh, wow; that living wall looks amazing!

Many years ago, when Geekcorps was still operating in Ghana, they had a house they called Geekhalla, where the geeks who were doing a tour of service in Accra lived, and in the garden of that house was an enormous cactus in which generations of children had carved their names. That's what I thought of when I read that part of this post...

I love jacaranda! I first saw them in Hawaii in the 80s, then in Mexico in 2004 and 2005. The jacaranda and bougainvillea (buganvilla in Spanish) blooming along the colorful walls paint in San Miguel de Allende fill the photos I brought back those years.

Ah, Beth, your photographs of Mexico City are simply stunning. The jacaranda was blooming in Oaxaca too. Mexico City. Maybe next year. xo

How nice to travel with that perspective. Very grounded. Allows your vision to branch out. Cool, and fun to look at- thanks for sharing.

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