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April 26, 2013


I like that piece and the idea for an ongoing garden diary in images. And that Michel is sweet... love little odd messages.

I love community gardens. We had a plot when we lived in Germany. The idea of these came from a man named Schreber, who believed that workers who had no land of their own needed the chance to grow their own food and enjoy a touch of nature. The plot we "inherited" had two mature fruit trees, a plum and a yellow quince, and a tool shed complete with tools.
These days we enjoy having our own yard and fruit trees. We are getting into hydroponics now.
The communal aspect of these gardens is very nice, as I recall.

Now what's that quote, something about being closer to God in a garden than anywhere else on Earth?

My favourite is "Earth laughs in flowers"

Love the picture!
Can't wait to see more as the year progresses

I love the drawing! I'm hoping that when you go early in the morning with your thermos, you'll take the time to do more of these. I know how you feel about the garden. I've been watching my magnolia tree and each morning the buds get a little fatter and it just lifts me up so.

Lovely freshness about that drawing, I can almost smell the air and feel what it's like being there on that moment. And what a nice message to receive when you arrived at your plot! Great to be part of a gardening community.

Just come in after time in the garden. I'm a little iffy about making contact with the soil with ungloved hands. The reason? The invisible bugs in this country wreak havoc with my flesh. In the UK it was wonderfully different. Perhaps its a question of immunity.

Absolutely loved your line-and-wash picture of your community garden. It had a rare quality about it that said more than it appeared to. Happy gardening!

Can't keep my eyes off your garden drawing.

Nice drawing! Looks like you have used a Pica-esque purple pen.

It puts me in mind of Mike Leigh's film, Another Year, which opens with the couple sitting in their allotment garden, sheltered from the drizzle, with a thermos.

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