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April 22, 2013


wooo, senator leahy!

i love senator leahy. i mostly love his work (some of his votes on digital privacy are worrying) but on the whole he represents my state with dignity and restraint and that's what i told him in a letter last week.

thank you for noticing him.

It's about bravery. One should welcome "the oppressed and persecuted". One should be brave enough to do so - even if it carries an element of risk (and there's a good case for saying isolationism is riskier). One should do it not only because it's the decent thing to do but because to do so is one mark of a free society.

Incidentally, those who (unlike me) believe in the right of everyone to carry arms should think about this and try to be consistent. That right -as they see it, I presume- is about "defending freedom". Sometimes -just as importantly- we are required to defend freedom in peaceful, generous ways.

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