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May 26, 2013


Beth: And you have friends who sympathise and wish you well. Another attachment.

"as tremulous as paillettes on the costume of a belly dancer"--wow, I loved this phrase. You should get feverish more often. Loved both drawings, although, the first, I think, looks richer. Get well soon.

Get well soon. That's an interesting experiment with line thickness, but I can't manage to look at the skull, thick or thin!

Oh that cold. It is a very unpleasant one. I like the idea of the dancer's fringe and the new leaves.
Get better soon.

Sounds like you caught the same bug that knocked me out over the past two/three weeks! I hope you're feeling better- your sketches at least show no signs of depleted energy. I really like these line drawings.

I enjoy these muguets so much and marvel that you can do this while unwell. Hope you're better soon.

Maybe the choice between the thick and thin line width is dependent on what stage comes next. If it is to be a picture or sketch in its own right, I'd go for the thick line width. If on the other hand it is to be an underdrawing, a guide for a watercolour painting, I'd go for t'other.

Hope most of the cold is gone by now. The rain probably doesn't help...

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