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May 18, 2013


I'm surprised and sorry to hear about the daily drawing, but it makes me feel good for my eighteen months non-stop! My motivating factors are the small sketchbook with numbered sections, made specially for the purpose and titled 'One Sketch a Day'....and the fact that the books are given to me by my daughter-in-law.

Beth: Maybe there was a small quiet voice inside? It sometimes takes courage, not only to listen, but to hear. As for cat......don't they ever! Bless them.

RR: You should definitely feel good about 18 months of daily drawing! I am even more impressed now that I've seen the commitment it takes - and your drawings themselves are wonderful. Don't worry - I will be drawing a lot, just not posting them here every day.

Yes, Tom. And I've learned to trust it, even (especially!) when it says what I don't expect.

As long as you're doing something creative, hooray! (And yes, making a skirt definitely counts.)

Our cats like to "help" me fold laundry. They're also very "helpful" when I make the bed, insisting on getting under the sheets or blanket as I'm smoothing them out. ("Hmmm, what's that lump? Are we missing a cat?")

Beth, I feel compelled to edit your last sentence, just can't help myself: "I was all grubby and hot and sweaty when I finished, AND it felt great." :-)

Anyway: my cat's preferred time & location for intimacy is morning, on my chest, squeezing & squiggling in between my laptop and coffee cup as I'm trying to use the keyboard. Fortunately for him, he's never been scalded and neither have I, though I do have my share of ever-so-attractive coffee stains on various T-shirts. When I do little Rorschachy exercises analyzing the stains, I seem to have the same response every time: "Damn cat!"

You are multi-talented. And your kitty knows that too.

I hope we see your skirt finished. Such a subtly lovely weave.

When we release ourselves from the weight of 'having' to draw (or any other endeavour), daily, things move on their own. For me, the balance between discipline and freedom never ends, one of life's polarities.

Thanks for all of these comments, and the affirmations about the helpfulness and intelligence of cats!

Duchesse: I will definitely post a photo of the finished skirt. Your blog is inspiring me to write more about fashion and construction; I've always loved to sew and have been getting back to it a bit recently. And you are so right about that balance. I'm glad I listened to my inner voice that said, "too much!" and let this particular self-imposed pressure go.

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