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May 28, 2013


Try spraying hairspray on the ink spots before washing - it works wonders sometimes. (My husband washes his ballpoint pens far too often.) Gorgeous cat!

Oh my! I'm impressed that you aren't more upset about the stains on photos and clothes. Glad the cat did not eat any of the ink.

Now, how about some artworks out of those prints on the papers, eh?

I think you should re-ink her paws and make a pattern on your pants. Art! :D

Could I have a quiet giggle? Please?

Clearly you-know-who is a frustrated artist looking for a creative outlet.

She looks unworried, flopped there showing her pristine tummy: "Well, MY white is still white." I too am happy she did not ingest it.

Too funny! It was worth getting ink all over everything just to see this picture of the cherished cat!
Are you sure she didn't knock over the ink bottle on purpose? I'd forgive her anything.

Manon! Mais qu'est-ce que tu as fait, coquine!

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