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June 07, 2013


What a stunning garden. Really special.

I'd love to have a garden like that, but I wouldn't like to have to pay for the army of gardeners that would need to go with it. But for today, it is enough to enjoy your photographs.

Gorgeous! As Tom said, I'd love such a garden but would need the gardeners... even our place is becoming a challenge as parts of it become old and overgrown.

How gorgeous! I just planted some alliums in the backyard and I can't wait for them to open up (might be a bit late for this year, we'll see). Now looking at your pictures makes me want to replace my front lawn with a "bulb lawn" with alliums popping up here and there. What a sight!

I love the expression "zone envy"! This is exactly how I felt when I went to California last March and saw everything that grows there that I can never dream to import in Montreal.

Tom's just cleared a bed near the house, and rescued and relocated the allium bulbs that were just about keeping their heads above the tide of weeds! So he cut all the flowers and we've had them on the table for days, and they're just amazing, I can gaze and gaze into their geodesic structure.

This garden is heavenly, I love the stonework and sculptures too.

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