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June 21, 2013


Lovely work, Beth! I'm so impressed especailly with the rolled hemming on the scarf for I've not attempted that. I too used to sew a lot but am having a hard time getting around to it for I've lost my efficiency with it. Now you have inspired me.

Thanks, Marja-Leena -- do make something, and share it with us! I'm not as fussy as I once was, and styles have gotten looser and less "constructed"-- and more forgiving! (I just changed the scarf photo to a better one, in case you revisit the post.)

"then it was just a matter of making a hand-rolled hem all around the perimeter of the scarf"--I loved this. As someone who only took one semester of sewing with Sister Irena and called in sick the day she had to "model" the skirt she made, I am incredibly impressed.

Wow - is there anything you can't do?! Am totally impressed!! They all look great and it must be so satisfying to end up with such final products. Best, N

Lovely scarf, Beth. I too am impressed since I only can do the most basic sewing. Never knew about hand-rolled hems - very clever!

Mary, you made me laugh! I learned to sew at home, but we all had to take "Home Ec" in school too, where we made dresses and skirts. Some came out a lot better than others, and I still remember the day when we had to wear our creations to school, and the boys all made fun of us!

Hi Nic, it's great to hear from you! Gosh, there are SO many things I can't do, from sports to languages to physical sciences to tech-y computer stuff. My main purpose in showing all these projects isn't to fish for compliments (though of course it's nice to get them) but to encourage people to try to make things themselves, or to learn new skills. I was lucky to grow up in a real do-it-yourself family where we all made and fixed things, both out of desire and out of necessity.

Natalie, I'm quite sure you could sew if you put your mind to it and had a bit of help at the beginning. But probably it requires a certain kind of patience that my Virgo-nature is suited to.

I'll try to get through again.

Yes! Made it! Lovely skirts; lovely cat.

Go, you! I used to be quite an avid knitter and you vividly remind me of the feeling of accomplishment after finishing some detailed project - you're inspiring me to go find my needles again!

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