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June 13, 2013


I wasn't aware there was a stigma attached to bifocals. How strange. I don't wear bifocals because of the expense, so I use reading, distance and distance sunglasses. I also use an old pair of reading glasses for the computer screen. I notice you use the term 'progressives'. I assume from the comments made by your friends who use them that they are what we call 'varilux', or 'varifocals'. I find them almost lethal for driving purposes. Specs can be a problem. (Then of course there are hearing aids!)

They look really good on you! I know all about the contacts/glasses/reading glasses shuffle, as a myope and presbyope.

I never knew you could order frames online. I wished I'd done that. I mistakenly ordered new frames that I was hesitant about, but got talked into them by the saleslady who said they looked great. What a dope. They look like real "old lady" glasses. I could kick myself. These really look great on you.

I switched to progressives years ago, and they have always been 3 zone "trifocals". I do remember picking up my first pair, taking one turn around the mall, and returning to the optician to state my belief that some mistake had been made. He suggested I try them for a week and give them a chance. I drove home with my old specs on, because it seemed suicidal to drive with the progressives, but adapted to the new ones quickly. They do require a little more head turning, but it seems mostly side to side, not up and down, and I don't notice it anymore. I think it has probably kept my neck limber over the years. They are expensive though, and yours look nice. I may investigate your setup next time around.

Great picture of you, Beth - is that a new hairdo? The glasses are fine too.

I'm incredibly lucky not to need glasses at all - for a while I had trouble with small print and tried reading glasses but they seemed to make my vision worse when I took them off so I stopped using them. Now (touch wood) my vision is fine, no problems even with very small print etc. And I don't eat a lot of carrots!

"Glasses for singing" - the phrase stopped me in my tracks wondering how seeing aided hearing. Of course you make this obvious. But I delight in the phrases that stops my mind in wonder over how the senses of perception are entangled: "singing seeing" seemed like poetry just for a moment there! :)

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