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July 16, 2013


Beth,it was the Blizzards that got me through radiation treatments when I had cancer on my vocal chords back in 2007. My first stop on the way home from the treatment center was always the DQ...But then they are a pretty big Texas tradition.

Sounds yummy. And looks like a great outdoor eating place.

What a Canadian evening, indeed; the diversity of cultures through which you rode, the peacefulness and beauty of the park, and the scrumptious food...with you both celebrating the evening. To quote Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian
Swimme in the "Journey of the Universe," paraphrasing, "you were the universe rejoicing in itself."

Ah,what a great way to celebrate a summer evening!I'm going to have to try a blizzard very soon.

Hm, my comment on your last post seems to have disappeared. Anyway, this looks yummy - glad you enjoyed it in such a beautiful place. Unbearably hot and humid here, so not much chance of picnicking hereabout until it cools off some - not until at least Sunday it appears.

I love Blizzards! (Although I rarely get one; I find even the small ones are a bit too big.) And yay Ramados!

Oh Beth, thank you for this. When we arrived in Canada in 1956 our little family of three 'roomed' at the corner of de Bullion (I see the name on one of the photos)and Prince Arthur. Our first Sunday afternoon outing was to Mount Royal Park.
The last time I took my blanket to the park is about 10 years ago for a Tam Tam afternoon.

Try this again... Speaking of fire and ice, I'm wearing heavy sweaters in the office at my new job. Apparently I'm under the AC vent (sigh). I go out into the oven and enjoy the heat at the end of the day - for about 5 minutes!

Gary, I'm sorry for the reason you had, but glad we can share the Blizzard experience. There are DQs in New England and NY, but I don't remember this particular treat. In Vermont we tended to go to small local ice cream shops; I just don't remember a DQ there.

Jan, that park is a gem. I'll try to post some more pictures of it later this summer.

Thanks, Bruce -- it's good to hear from you, and good to celebrate the Universe!

Mary, do try it - what is a summer without soft ice cream?

Leslee, another friend wrote to me about the sweaters he was wearing due to the A/C - I can only imagine the strain this puts on our systems! Hope you can enjoy the weekends outdoors, at least!

Blork: we split a medium size Blizzard and it was a lot! And Romados hadn't missed a beat, it seemed. Cold chicken sandwiches the next day were really good, too.

Ellena, you are definitely due for another visit! When J. and I were tourists, we also came up often for Tam-Tam, or to have a picnic in the park. We don't come now as often as we should, because it's really lovely and a wonderful resource for the whole city.

*Sigh* We had to settle for BORC (Blork's Own Rotisserie Chicken) on Tuesday. ;-)

I have to ask, how does Ramados's chicken compare to Brooks's in Oneonta? (I feel sure you will have had Brooks's chicken at least once in all these years of driving in eastern New York) I have a tender spot for the Oneonta product and use a recipe myself that resembles theirs, but I'm always curious (and I'm very sick of eating chicken) about alternatives.

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