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July 01, 2013


Such a beautiful song. I have a recording of that by Aled Jones, and I think Enya also sang it. Lovely.

Yes, we move forward, we move away, sometimes we move in with someone, and we're moved by every single movement in our lives and those of others we care for. Beautiful post and music.

i do not know if i have ever mentioned to you ow difficult it is for me sometimes to read your blog.

yours is a lovely voice of calm and faith and music, like i would have spoken before my world collapsed.

in the wake of a traumatic life event i was thrown out of my church, a mainstream liberal congregation. i had been active in two and a half of the church's three and a half functioning choirs, and i had practiced my craft in support of the church.

i am a classical composer, or i was before the crisis of faith, my loss of faith, my loss of voice.

i do not play or sing anymore, or even think i music. i do not pray. neither do i make lovely stained glass style paper medallions to grace hymnals christmas eve nor carve paschal candles nor bring to life intricate collages made of church photographs.

this past sunday i was invited/permitted to be among my old congregation, in a building where there was no order of no trespass to keep me out. i did not know if i cared to go or not, and i knew for certain i was afraid.

but it was part of a process, and important thing.

and how can i keep from singing was the prelude.

i have an arrangement of that song i wrote a long time ago.

i do not know what will happen next. i do not know if i will ever be restored.

but i am listening to your voice, still.

No, this isn't the first of my "at your elbow" visits. Those are way down the pike. Rather I'd like to apologise via your blog, on behalf of what I suspect is a large tranche of the British public, to Canadians in general. Yesterday was the first day in office of our new governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, a Canadian. Good luck to him.

Feeling the need to scatter some patronising Canadian stuff about, the BBC revealed also that yesterday was Canada Day. To my shame, I didn't know this. Far worse, though, was the further revelation that "for several years now" Canadians have been in the habit of taking over Trafalgar Square on July 1 and celebrating this festival. We were then accorded about 3½ seconds of video which showed something of this jolly occasion, notably a fairly violent field hockey game (ice, I suppose, being unavailable) for the entertainment of London pedestrians.

But note "for several years now". Yet, never a mention that I can recall in the British media. While chasing a cheese down a steep Gloucestershire hill is filmed year after year. I'm told Canadians have learned to shrug off these snubs; well here's an opportunity for them to get even. There's a Canuck now in charge over here with power to wreck our economy. Re-wreck it perhaps. We'll have no one to blame but ourselves if he does.

That's my neighbourhood cathedral you've got there!

I love "How can I keep from singing"...

Happy belated Canada Day!

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