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July 07, 2013


I don't know about setting dyes, but Manon looks very good in that colour!

Quilters are quite alert to the problems of bleeding textiles
Here are the two main products, compared, on the website of a mail order source

I do love Manon's kitschy-kitty little medallion!

I've been trying to find one of those tutorials I saw about dying wool with food colours which describes using vinegar as a fixative, can't find it but there are plenty out there. Still, sounds like Vivian's on it for fabric,as cotton's probably very different from wool anyway.

Hi Manon!

Being so far north as you are, with those long days and with no real provision for hot weather, I can imagine how hot and uncomfortable it could get.
I do envy you your sewing skills.

Beth, try using salt. Dissolve about a tablespoon (or more) in a dishpan-sized basin filled with cool or room-temperature water. Soak the cloth for about 20 minutes, then rinse in clear water and hang in the shade to dry. Ideally you'd do it before cutting out the pattern, though. This advice came from a store in Ottawa called Sarah Clothes, which used to sell many beautiful things made from Indian block-print cotton.

Andrea, thanks, I'm going to try that on some un-sewn pieces. And thank you Vivian -- I located a dye supplier in Toronto and ordered two different types of dye-fixative from them. I had some before the move, but I think I threw out all the bottles of liquid rather than pack them. Will report!

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