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July 04, 2013


Just beautiful, Beth! And I love the French word for that poppy too. I still remember the pleasure I experienced in seeing so many fields in Europe dotted with those poppies. I've tried to grow them myself but have had no luck strangely. Meanwhile a yellow and orange one ( Icelandic?, not sure) is terribly invasive in my garden.

Hear hear, Beth, I echo your wish.
Coquelicot is indeed a marvellous word to say, sounding very similar to "Cocorico!", French for the rooster's cry in the morning.
I have a vivid childhood memory of the coquelicots seen out of train or car windows whenever we left Paris to go on holidays.

Your watercolour is lovely.

We saw these poppies growing in the wheat fields in Southern France, many years ago. You have captured their spirit very well.

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