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July 15, 2013


Getting pretty hot on this side of the pond as well. Fortunately, our house is cool; we don't have air conditioning. It does sound pretty grim over there. Wish you all well.

Same here all this month and without a drop of rain! It's a struggle to do anything like gardening, even watering. Some nights fortunately do cool down. Not cooking but eating lots of salads and fresh local berries... oh, that reminds me, must go pick all the red currants.

By all means put that window A.C. in. Just use it for a couple of hours a day ( I do this after lunch here, and it makes all the difference) to give yourself a break from the heat and duck in for cooling periods when you need them. You are not heat-adjusted and this makes the heat very unhealthy for you; exercise is bad, too. Who knows how long it could last, what with global warming.

It's been so hot here, I was forced to go out in light cotton pants and sandals today, rather than my habitual jeans and boots. Fortunately, the feeling that I was in my pyjamas did wear off after a while. We went down to the south coast where there was quite a nice sea breeze.

A little better today, Tom, after a big thunderstorm late in the afternoon. Thanks for the sympathy!

Marja-Leena, do you make red currant jam every year? It's one of my favorites but I think my jam-making is mostly over, except when I get a windfall of black currants, another favorite! I can see my grandmother standing over the counter, straining the red currant jam through cheesecloth...a happy memory, because she let me help (and taste as we went!)

You're right, Hattie, we're not used to it, but it's a yearly occurrence and I'm surprised how quickly most of us adapt. Not so easy for older folks though, or people with health problems. I am definitely taking it easy and not exercising in the heat.

Wow, Dave, no boots? Your feet must have been pretty surprised! It's been great hearing and seeing about your travels; Rachel is really giving you a royal tour and I'm envious!

here is how i cope with the heat: i go for an extended bike ride in the hottest part of the day. then i cook something that involves boiling water or using the oven.

later on, i decide that i really MUST shave my legs. AGAIN. because i missed a spot.

in a cool shower.

if it cools down at all at night, i sleep in the bed. if not, i sleep in the basement.

today i went for a very long bike ride and got bitten by a naked man's dog. i SO hope that i can stay awake until the outside temperature dips below the inside upstairs temperature so i can open the windows.

sleep. i need sleeeeep.

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