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September 19, 2013


Poplars are so distinctive in the landscape. They are fast growing, short-lived trees.

Lovely piece! And who is the little chap peeking through the branches of the bigger tree? Can't miss him on the enlargement.

Sadly, I think all the poplars are dying. Heard this a few years ago.

Hi Beth, So glad I caught this post as poplars are also ubiquitous here in Turkey. There is a story that when a female child was born the father would plant a row of poplars because, by the time she reached the age of 16 or so, they would have grown large enough to be sold and thus generate the money for her dowry. They are still prized for their straight trunks which make good scaffolding wood. We sold two that were dangerously tall and can testify to their bringing a good price.

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