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September 13, 2013


Always more to learn.
I'm getting excited about new things I'm learning in ceramics. I just found out that you can high fire a piece, glaze it with low fire glazes and then low fire it again. That way you can add bright color to high fire pieces.

Thank you Beth. There are hours of investigation ahead of me...at some time or other. Although I don't comment as often as I would like, I do so love your sharing of technical information with us.

I heartily agree! I refuse to paint on anything other than Arches these days and I don't even like their bound or spiral pads, so I cut down the large sheets or use the blocks. I am on a Schminke kick and gave myself a gift of their large palette, so I don't think I'll need w/cs for a long time. However, I also have my my old palette, which is mainly M. Grahams but also all sorts of weird little tubes of odd and lovely colors. This weekend I am away and using only Holbein gouache, recommended so highly by my artist friend Roz Stendahl

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Your mother's offer touches me, and it's true that we often wait till we 'deserve' good supplies or tools, but they inhibit learning and decrease pleasure.

That came out garbled; I meant that inferior materials inhibit learning, etc.

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