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October 29, 2013


It's been that kind of weekend/week... Days on the couch with a cat are the best (except for the part about being sick). Prends du mieux rapidement!

Hope you feel better soon, Beth! xo

Sorry to hear about your being indisposed Beth. Enjoy your recovery; I'm sure Manon would some more of the same. She probably thinks it's all for her benefit anyway. Bless you both.

This is a wonderful vignette, Beth. I loved reading it. And, I hear you met my friend Beverley recently. ;-)

As I read, thought of my former secretary (in the days when such a position was called that). As that Long Island native would say, "Feel bettah."

beth - get well soon! that cold is nasty and you need lots of rest. let me know if you would like some soup...

Wishing you a quick recovery, Beth. Enjoy a bit of lounging and reading and cat stroking. And you managed a lovely post today!

My cold took weeks to get over so I don't wish that on anyone!

What makes all this agony more poignant is you're a working stiff; we the grey retired can hardly distinguish between ailment and good health. And does it matter? I like to think reading that poetry MS was significant - even if the reading was inconclusive. Illness and music (as recreation) don't always work, but if there's a crack in the gloom there is, too, the flute and harp concerto. They used to play it as a wake-up call on the overnight ferry between Portsmouth and Caen, the perfect aubade. The Gallic world beckoned. En fest' Burg and all that.

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