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October 05, 2013


Good old timeless Walt, sitting so comfortably beneath these striking pictures!

Beth, these are awesome photos.

What a strange inscription for an exit from the subway! I wouldn't be surprised if there had been hospitals in the vicinity during the Civil War, but they would have been fairly gruesome places, given the state of medicine at the time. I have to wonder what went on in the poet's mind that he could describe the experience as sweet -- or is it my mind, with sensitivities developed 200 years later, that isn't understanding something?

I've been going up that escalator a lot this year. Dupont Circle's a blast. I'm coming again Friday for the Phillips's Van Gogh opening.

You don't need pretty-pretty, do you? You can do them well, of course; with the camera or the brush or the pencil. Flowers, trees, landscapes, but all inherently beautiful. For me, with my built-in response to technical things, this is the greater achievement. The transmutation of what many would regard as dross into pure gold. I believe they used to talk about the philosopher's stone. If the cap fits...

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