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October 03, 2013


Oh, Beth, so glorious!

The second photo, over the water, is just terrific!


Can you identify anything in the first photo, natural or manmade? I feel a need to situate myself in it.

Thanks, Rachel, Mary, Tom!

Hi Andrea -- the road in the middle is definitely I-89, and I thought I was taking a photo of the Mt. Mansfield ridge (top) and the mountains leading up to Camel's Hump (on the bottom right). These were the biggest mountains we flew over, and were followed by the Ct. River Valley and WRJ where I used to live - we flew right over our old house! I'm not absolutely certain that's what I photographed,but it's pretty close. The range near Barre-Montpelier isn't as high and I don't see Hunger Mountain, the pointed one, here. But everything looks so different form the air. I need to compare the photo with Google Earth. Here is a terrain map fro Google Maps.


Great photos. The ONLY thing I like about air travel is looking out the window. I am usually lost, but now and then I recognize a landform -- which gave me the wonderful experience of seeing the Chemung-Susquehanna river valley full up with fog, like a crack stuffed with insulation, a year ago in August. I can say which valley it was because I looked it up afterward.

I hope your trip is a great success. Kick a congressman for me!

Full of air and beauty; thank you! I once flew from NY to San Francisco on a clear, sunny day all the way, a trnascendent experience. The pilot detoured to fly us over the Grand Canyon! That was the late '60s, I don't think they do that any more.

love the pic of the water

Beautiful. We should treasure air travel as the great wonder and privilege it is, all the downsides notwithstanding. Have a good trip, all the downsides notwithstanding!

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