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October 14, 2013


It looks like heaven on earth there. I hope your father is on the mend. It is a big deal, and healing takes time.

Beautiful images, Beth. I'm glad there was something restorative in this trip for you.

For me, this is Nature at its colourful best.

So lovely Beth! Hope your fathers mends well - please send your father our love and best wishes!!

Getting sucked into the rapid-fire reactive pace of modern life is particularly insidious and reinforced from every corner of the work world. So then we try to make up for it by...getting sucked into the rapid-fire reactive pace of social life! Doing, going, enjoying, cavorting! Oy, getting tired just thinking about it, but these words & fotos are a balm, Beth, thank you!

I try to bear in mind that I am a human being, and not a human doing
And sometimes I even remember that :)

Lovely pictures, especially the last one.
I think it would make a beautiful water colour?

You might find the books Buddha Standard Time and Hamlet's Blackberry interesting reading if you have not already read them.

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