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October 21, 2013


Beth; With that amount of traffic going backwards and forwards, I'm doubly pleased that you were able to find time to drop me a comment.

Today I spent four hours meeting individually with students from one of my first-year writing seminars, and it struck me how much more interesting (and energizing) it is to sit and talk with a student face-to-face about her or his writing than it is to grade papers. It's my job, of course, to grade papers...but meeting one-on-one (and face-to-face) seems so much more productive.

Easy for me to nod in a agreement about the limitations and habits electronic communication has brought us. I too need breaks from it.

But then, my 82 yr old father in law is profoundly deaf, and says the internet has saved his life. He researches many interests and corresponds with both old friends and new. Maybe the medium will become valuable to me should my mobility decrease one day.

What a beautiful photo of your gorgeous green-eyed cat!

I can't imagine a future in which coming generations don't also savor nature, long walks, intimate conversation with dear friends. But I take your point abut the everpresence of our devices and our texts and our constantly-scrolling updates. I wrote a poem about that a few years ago -- about wanting to find God not only in the stillness but even in the chatter.

I too find myself more satisfied by opening up Feedly (to read longform blog posts) than by opening up FB.

Anyway -- I guess I'm mostly here to say: I hear you and I largely agree!

i just spent most of the month of october living in my car going from place to place.

in real life i live alone in the country.

internet keeps me connected to actual people.

plus, without internet i do not get to read your words which are sometimes the last living connection to the God i once believed in, or my life in the choir.

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