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November 03, 2013


Charming, thank you. . .

Your drawings of the garden have been such a pleasure. The fusion of two joys and passions - and it shows.

Your drawings are so beautiful. I can *FEEL* a sense of being there ... dried leaves, dying plants, wet dirt.

You have an incredible gift. Thank you for sharing it with me.


The buildings rising up behind , seemingly so carelessly blocked in, are a presence of such an utterly different order than the vegetation... they really show what a gift your city garden is to you and others... Thank you.

Lovely work and words, Beth. As another gardener I feel ths same wistfulness with the passing of the growing season to one of rest, though it's not quite as cold here.

Nice drawing! You obviously spent time on it, but it has a nice unlaboured look.

Thank you, Frances, thank you Jean.

Barb, it's so nice to hear from you. Thank you very much for such a lovely compliment. I'm really happy that my drawings give you pleasure! I love doing them, and sharing them, and trying to learn from each one.

Vivian, thanks for noticing the buildings! They're important to the meaning and I thought a lot about how much emphasis to give them...

Yes, Marja-Leena, I know you know what it's like to mourn the end of the growing season. But you're lucky - your snowdrops will be up again in just a few months!

Thanks, Andrea -- I'm glad if that's the case! It's easy to overwork drawings like this.

So lovely. Do miss the change of seasons sometimes.

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