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November 27, 2013


Beautiful, Beth -- image and words alike.

And so lovely, Beth. For only the lovely can utter such lovely words.

Yes, both beautiful--we also got a sprinkling of snow. My children were excited, taking their own pictures of the dawn this morning.

The blurred figure in the snow reminds me of Saul Leiter - just read about his death.

This is beautifully described, Beth. I shall save this against the snow deluges that we have been promised!

Wonderful photo and words, summoning the melancholy and elation the first snow brings. (I do find Montréalers are usually well-prepared, compared to my former city, where students stubbornly refused winter footwear, each picking his or her way over snowbanks in running shoes.)

That is so beautiful, Beth. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

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I love the poplars singing themselves to sleep. The whole post is lovely. I hope your quiet thanksgiving was happy.

None here yet. As for preparedness, people in the UK always think of the US and Canada (and other countries with similar climates) being far better prepared than we are. We get enough to warrant measures being taken to cope but not enough to justify massive investment in coping strategies!

I loved your feelings expressed in words today Beth. Thank-you.

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