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November 18, 2013


Ah, this brings back memories, Beth! Looking forward to more photos...

Beautiful glimpses, Beth. Thank you.

You are making me hungry.

Was about to pounce on the foie gras, but have enough feel for French to be soothed by the fine print.

So when are you going back to the chocolate place?

People really do look as if they are bracing for winter! One thing I would love to have here is some of those apples. But apples have lost most of their goodness by the time they get to us out here. We can't grow them.

I'm curious why if "street photography is not really legal" and you're not sure if one of your subjects wanted to be photographed why you chose to post the pictures on a public blog?

Street photography not legal under French law? I had no idea. What strangeness! I watched a friend taking photographs with her phone at a circus performance recently. It was clearly not allowed, but she did it so discreetly that no-one saw, and the results were extremely good. I think that cameras have become so tiny, and so capable of working in low lights, that any 'rules' about the use of them will eventually become redundant. We are in the world of the internet, and images are the currency of the day. I think it marvellous too, that in so many public galleries these days, the rules on taking photographs have been swept aside... as long as flash isn't used. I wrote at the Artlog recently of a Jan Svankmajer exhibition in Brighton where photography was allowed, and what a pleasure it was to make images of work I so admire.

I love that cat. What gravitas!

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