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November 28, 2013


Beth, so much here resonates with me, so much similarity in our lives and how they have changed over the years. I do have my own children and grandchildren now but they are spread out so get togethers become a big thing, with finding more beds and cooking more food. I'm slowing down and slowly the younger ones do take over some of those big gatherings - sort of like passing the torch now and then.

I find it interesting how much bigger Thanksgiving is in the US than Canada.

Me, too, Marja-Leena. And somehow the day stays non-commercial, except for the ridiculous and offensive shopping frenzy the day afterward.

Beth - Happy Thanksgiving to you both! If ever you want to have those traditional celebrations, you know that you have your Montreal family to count on. See you Sunday for a Chinese Thanksgiving Feast!

So wonderful to read this. I loved the photo!

Beth, speaking of Black Friday, it has come here this year in a big way from stores wanting to stem the flow of business over the border. At least it's not a holiday period here, but still... yikes.

Last year, I was reading a list of donors to a local charity, idly scanning the names. Someone had sent a contribution as "Anonymous. God bless the lonely people".

I have never forgotten that person's acknowledgment; holidays can be hard and lonely if one has neither the bounty of a family or a table.

I am so very happy that there are people out there who are able to look back on family memories that are happy. So glad that other people's experiences of family are better than I can imagine. Bless you all! I also can be part of thanksgiving, for what I have now.

I love the photo. What great memories!

You could be making the stuffing and don't appear to be happy in your work. Cheeks slightly puffed out in a teenager sort of way: Why, always the stuffing? In semiotic terms the new glasses are a great improvement. Horn rims for the aspirant genius (I wore them too when we lived in the US but I never fooled anyone); wire rims to say Look! I've arrived!

I remember reading in Saturday Review (don't suppose it's still going) that Thanksgiving was superior to Christmas in that it was harder for commercial forces to corrupt. We did the right thing except we didn't feel honour-bound to eat turkey. In fact the subject arose on our return from our over-nighter spent in remote Wales - I'm not sure we've ever cooked turkey during our 53-year-long union though we have, of course, eaten it elsewhere. I understand there's a movie out where a turkey uses a time machine to travel back to the Pilgrim Fathers in order to change their culinary preferences. Obviously it didn't work.

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