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November 25, 2013


Oh, that is just wonderful!

As our cat sits intently staring at our bird feeder outside the window, we tell her she's watching bird-feeder tv. But I'd never thought of putting the birds on an ipad!

Try this: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=videos+for+cats&sm=3

Marvellous! Does she ever try to attack the screen? What a good idea to have the mirror so you can shoot her expression.

How funny! She goes from slight disdain to total intensity.

One of our cats watches telly intently. I used to think cats and dogs couldn't "see" tv images. Perhaps this always was a myth - or perhaps it was just the case with old cathode-ray tube tvs?

Awwww. Of course she sees!

Cats have habits, and they can get fixated on things. What I think is funny about them is that they don't seem to have short-term memories. They'll be doing something or other and will stop to lick themselves or something and completely forget what they were doing before.

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