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January 10, 2014


What an exciting and fascinating process and collaboration!

I envy you this orgy of collaboration. Writing's such a lonely business. I've been lucky to receive a good deal of editing and guidance on the novels from Joe (we'd worked together on magazines) but this was always after the event. Of course loneliness is part of the attraction but just occasionally there are opportunities for disinterested conversation, to sit back and relax. Twenty-five years ago an agent showed an interest in a novel I'd written while I worked in the USA. He bought me lunch during which I dreamed - deliciously.

But it was the impedimenta of the recording studio that caught my eye. I sent a copy of Gorgon Times to my brother just before Alzheimer took a hold. He phoned me apologetically, saying reading any lengthy work was beyond him. I wondered if I might turn my second novel Out of Arizona into an audio book for him, since the story was less complex. Retained an American actress and did some test recordings. It all ended in tears because of my lack of professional experience in this field. So it's not just your collaboration I envy, but the way in which you are able to slip into this demanding procedure and make a significant contribution.

Moral: cobbler, stick to your last.

Beth I found myself fascinated by the photo of the studio... seeing in the midst of so many machines and electronic equipment, (including some ? instruments ? that look very space age in the far room ... the evidently irreplaceable volumes of genuine tree-wood in the piano and on the walls, too. Cheering, somehow.

I would give much to be the 'Go-for' for your group of people or for just sitting unnoticed silently in a corner, observing, learning and enjoying.

I love getting these glimpses -- both visual and verbal -- of this extraordinary process. I can't wait to own this new album!

A glimpse into the creative process we often take for granted when we listen to recorded music. I remember hearing an interview with Marcus Roberts in which he talked about his role: to unlock the manifest power of the group. He clearly saw hiw work with them as a spiritual endeavour.

super cool

Looking forward to hearing a snippet.

I'm curious why your describe the pianist, but not the composer or engineer, by nationality.

Very exciting project, wonderful photos and interesting faces. The music is sure to be good too.

That is completely fascinating. How I envy you your talent,training and experiences as a musician.

This is so neat. I am always amazed by the wealth of your experiences.

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