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January 16, 2014


Sorry to hear you've been ailing. But Transtromer is such a good match for the winter season, isn't he? I like the Alaskan poet John Haines this time of year, too.

Refusing the chalice, I didn't think that was allowed. The rector's belief in the incorruptibility of communion wine is a wonderful jumping-off point for a short story but one would have to be careful not to allow it to degenerate into a sort of unbeliever's yah-yah, sucks boo. Actually it would work better used in tandem with your mother's opinion of the rector - yea or nay, it wouldn't matter which. You do realise, I hope, that if ever it were written I would only be stealing the framework from you, I don't go in for character theft.

Going south surely means such people are living in the wrong country. Brits moan about the weather more than any other nationality I know of, unconsciously demanding extreme climate rather than what we've got - temperate climate. Pennsylvania for six years was slightly too extreme for me (at both ends) and I am satisfied with being temperate. Meteorologically speaking, anyway.

"Curling up under a comforter", given I'm not sure what a comforter is, provides an opportunity for idle speculation of the double-entendre sort.

Next year, you might want to call my CLSC (Villeray); they schedule the shots and waited maybe 6 minutes. (You can go to any one.) And got the pneumonia inoculation at same time.

While I dont mind cold, yesterday, with its sunshine, eminently walkable dry sidewalks and -4 was a joy!

That mother looks so Montreal-elegant, and her child like a weary monarch. Will that pineapple later allow them a moment of tropical joy?

I'm in Seattle, which is cool and foggy. Having to avoid ill family members, alas.
But I do like the cozy part of winter, which we are getting in abundance on this visit.

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