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February 10, 2014


It all looks cheerful and kind of pleasantly familiar to me, since I've spent so much of my life in surroundings like these. And that looks like the best dim sum. Did they bring it around on carts?

augghhhh! i have had dim sum in montreal.


We did a family dim sum (in Vancouver) weeks ago -- delicious, although we (the old folks, my husband and I) were a bit disappointed that the carts have gone -- the kids tell us they're passé now, more's the pity. . . Those dumplings on your table look splendid! miammiammiam. . .

Dim sum is a treat in any weather, but those warm, bursting little bites are especially soothing now. I have a note in my daytimer to try Kam Fung, in Chinatown.

Yes, they do bring it around on carts. I'm sorry to hear that practice is being abandoned some places -- it's so much of the essence of the experience!

Sorry, Flask -- wish I could send you some but I don't think it travels well!

Kam Fung is excellent, Duchesse.

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